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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meagan's 3rd Tinkerbell Tea Party (Part 2)

My 3 M's - Michael, Meagan, & Matthew

As promised yesterday, I have so many more "belles and whistles" to share from Meagan's 3rd Tinkerbell Tea Party. Today I want to talk about the details of the food, costumes, decor, and events of Meagan's special day!

With the exception of the having a dear friend make and cut out the PB & J sandwiches into butterfly and flower shapes and the "Pixie Chick" platter from Chick-Fil-A, I prepared all of the actual luncheon food myself.  In addition to the items I've just mentioned, we served Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Fairy Berries, Fairy Berry Punch (see my punch recipe blog in the archives), Chocolate Covered Strawberries (see this recipe in the archives), Veggies and Dip, Cheese and Crackers, Chips and Dip, trail mix, yogurt covered raisins, and of course, homemade Southern SWEET TEA!  Yum, if I say so myself.  In the pics below, notice the CRICUT signs and toppers that I created.  Also, pay attention to the use of the polka dot cupcake holders that I ordered for the strawberries from :

Brenda's PB & J Sandwiches

Luncheon Food

Fairy Berries

Strawberries in Cup Cake Liners by Polka Dot Market

Southern SWEET Tea!
A fairy party needs costumes, so I took the advice of The TomKat Studio and ordered wings, tutus, and wands for the girls from I've mentioned this site before - I LOVE the prices and the items on this site!!!!  I also ordered the matching icy rose flowers and assembled them into hair clips and added them to the back of the wings for each fairy. I wanted Meagan's outfit to be special so I placed the wings from Halo Heaven with a pettiskirt set that I found on about a month before her party! For the boys, I purchased butterfly/bug catcher aprons and nets from the Dollar Tree.  Although the children all enjoyed the nets, due to the influence of my pre-teen son, Michael, none of the boys wanted to wear the aprons . . . Oh well, I tried, right?

Girls' Costumes

Here's some pics of items that I used for additional event decor:

Dress Form from T.J. Maxx - Wings & Tutu - Halo Heaven

Paper Lanterns from the Dollar Tree with clips from Halo Heaven

Flowers and Vase from the Dollar Tree

Flower Pens from Halo Heaven

CRICUT Flowers and Butterflies by Me!

And finally, no party would be complete without activities, so at Meagan's Party we invited Tinkerbell to show up (a.k.a. - our babysitter Bethany dressed as Tinkerbell)!  Tinkerbell was scheduled to take pics with the children, sign autographs of pre-printed pics that I took of her as Tinkerbell, read a story to them, and let them send her back to Pixie Hollow by using bubbles to help her float away.  We got to everything BUT the story . . . time passed too quickly and we couldn't get everything in before Tink had to leave.  Here are the final pics for you to see:

Tinkerbell Arrives!

Photo Shoot with Tinkerbell

Bubbles to Help Tink Float Away!
 All in all, I believe it was a magical afternoon!  I hope you enjoy all the "belles and whistles" of this party as much as Meagan and I did:

Mommy and Meagan Enchanted!

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  1. Beth you are so creative! I love all the special touches. God knew you needed a little girl. So precious.