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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meagan's 3rd Tinkerbell Tea Party (Part 2)

My 3 M's - Michael, Meagan, & Matthew

As promised yesterday, I have so many more "belles and whistles" to share from Meagan's 3rd Tinkerbell Tea Party. Today I want to talk about the details of the food, costumes, decor, and events of Meagan's special day!

With the exception of the having a dear friend make and cut out the PB & J sandwiches into butterfly and flower shapes and the "Pixie Chick" platter from Chick-Fil-A, I prepared all of the actual luncheon food myself.  In addition to the items I've just mentioned, we served Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Fairy Berries, Fairy Berry Punch (see my punch recipe blog in the archives), Chocolate Covered Strawberries (see this recipe in the archives), Veggies and Dip, Cheese and Crackers, Chips and Dip, trail mix, yogurt covered raisins, and of course, homemade Southern SWEET TEA!  Yum, if I say so myself.  In the pics below, notice the CRICUT signs and toppers that I created.  Also, pay attention to the use of the polka dot cupcake holders that I ordered for the strawberries from :

Brenda's PB & J Sandwiches

Luncheon Food

Fairy Berries

Strawberries in Cup Cake Liners by Polka Dot Market

Southern SWEET Tea!
A fairy party needs costumes, so I took the advice of The TomKat Studio and ordered wings, tutus, and wands for the girls from I've mentioned this site before - I LOVE the prices and the items on this site!!!!  I also ordered the matching icy rose flowers and assembled them into hair clips and added them to the back of the wings for each fairy. I wanted Meagan's outfit to be special so I placed the wings from Halo Heaven with a pettiskirt set that I found on about a month before her party! For the boys, I purchased butterfly/bug catcher aprons and nets from the Dollar Tree.  Although the children all enjoyed the nets, due to the influence of my pre-teen son, Michael, none of the boys wanted to wear the aprons . . . Oh well, I tried, right?

Girls' Costumes

Here's some pics of items that I used for additional event decor:

Dress Form from T.J. Maxx - Wings & Tutu - Halo Heaven

Paper Lanterns from the Dollar Tree with clips from Halo Heaven

Flowers and Vase from the Dollar Tree

Flower Pens from Halo Heaven

CRICUT Flowers and Butterflies by Me!

And finally, no party would be complete without activities, so at Meagan's Party we invited Tinkerbell to show up (a.k.a. - our babysitter Bethany dressed as Tinkerbell)!  Tinkerbell was scheduled to take pics with the children, sign autographs of pre-printed pics that I took of her as Tinkerbell, read a story to them, and let them send her back to Pixie Hollow by using bubbles to help her float away.  We got to everything BUT the story . . . time passed too quickly and we couldn't get everything in before Tink had to leave.  Here are the final pics for you to see:

Tinkerbell Arrives!

Photo Shoot with Tinkerbell

Bubbles to Help Tink Float Away!
 All in all, I believe it was a magical afternoon!  I hope you enjoy all the "belles and whistles" of this party as much as Meagan and I did:

Mommy and Meagan Enchanted!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Meagan's 3rd Tinkerbell Tea Party

Wow! What a month - I'm not even sure where to begin . . . For the past three Saturdays, I've been heavily involved in planning and participating in 3 very different party events:  1.) Meagan's 3rd Tinkerbell Tea Party 2.) Celebrating the Miracle of Baby Allison Grace and 3.) My nephew's Wedding! Whew! Tired just thinking about it all!  However, I've had a blast working on these three events, and now that they are all over and done with, I can begin blogging again!!!!

I have to start with Meagan's 3rd Tinkerbell Tea Party!  I had soooo much fun planning for this event!  Meagan is my only daughter - so she gets a full dose of prissy from her mother whether she likes it or not! Thankfully, she LOVES all things prissy and that's where the inspiration for this party all began! 

A few months ago, around the time that I started to discover how much I love planning parties, I began my online research for ideas about a tea party for Meagan's 3rd Birthday!  I didn't want a Princess Tea Party or a Victorian Tea Party (although I love both of those themes - I wanted to save them for another year!), I wanted to somehow combine Tinkerbell with a Tea Party!  This research led me to two of my favorite party planning sites:



I used both of these sites for my inspiration, and I added some ideas of my own!  Today's blog will feature the cake table and the party tables only of the final product that was captured in pictures so wonderfully for me by a new sweet friend Whitney Tucker at :

The Cake and Sweets Table
  • Above the cake table, you will find tissue poms that I created following a Martha Stewart tutorial.  I flanked these poms in tissue paper flower garland from the "Spring Fling" line at The Dollar Tree.  I made the "Happy Birthday Meagan" sign, the food tags, and all of the candy toppers myself with a CRICUT, ribbons, and lollipop sticks.  The candy pails were purchased at both the dollar spot in Target and The Dollar Tree - I added the flower embellishments from   The hot pink photo frames are from my favorite - Home Goods - as are the white party dishes to which I tied pink polka dot ribbon!  The fantastic cake is designed by Amanda owner of Piece 'A Cake Bakery The candies and cookies were purchased on clearance after Easter at Walmart, The Dollar Tree, and Harry and David's.  I made the Fairy Pretzel Wands myself.  Here are some more detail pictures of the Cake Table:

Pixie Sticks and Butterfly Lollipops

Marsh Mallow Pixie Chicks and Fairy Berries in Apothecary Jars

Meagan's Tinkerbell Tea Pot Cake by Piece 'A Cake Bakery

Candy Dishes from Home Goods

Scrapbook Style Banner by Me!
Cookies from Walmart and Toppers by Me!

Fairy Pretzel Wands by Me!

    Party Tables
  • The picture above is of the Head Party Table. Each table included at least one of the Disney Fairies - the head table hosted Tinkerbell and Vidia, of course!  Each place setting included a place mat that I CRICUT designed from a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper.  A large pink luncheon plate, a doily, a small Tinkerbell dessert plate, napkin rolled plastic ware tied with a ribbon and accented by a butterfly clip, a teacup with either a flower or butterfly ring pop peeping from the top, and either a butterfly or flower cookie or lollipop on the side.  Here are some detail pics of the tables:
    Tinkerbell at the Head Table
    Teapots and Tea Cups from Amazon with Flower Ring Pops
    Tinkerbell Place Settings
    I have soooo many more details to share, but for now, I'll leave you with thoughts of fairies and pixie dust, and a promise that I'll return tomorrow with more belles and whistles in pictured detail!  Until then . . .  Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Black, White, & Red Bridal Shower

Good morning friends,

Finally, I'm ready with a new post featuring pics of the Bridal Shower that I hosted for my niece-to-be this weekend!  Hannah is the MOST precious bride that I've ever met - so sweet and deserving of all the belles and whistles!

Of course, I think I enjoyed planning this Bridal Shower almost as much as she enjoyed attending it!  Along with the help of my partner in crime for this event, Rebekkah, and the delicious food that my mother, Anna, along with Brenda, Sharon (MOG), and Monica (MOB) prepared, I believe the event came together like a dream!

Guest tables

Guest tables

Rebekkah and I
First of all, I have to say that Bekka and I were on the same page from the get go when we began to discuss the look of the shower.  Obviously, our theme was Black, White, and Red to go along with the theme for the wedding.  For the guest tables, I took on the task of deciding how to actually set the table and Bekka supplied the floating candle centerpieces.  I will share the details of how to achieve this look for less soon!

Bekka's Red Velvet Cupcakes with My Cricut Topper

Buffet Table featuring Apothecary Jars and Cricut Toppers

Buffet table

Up Close Tissue Paper Poms
 For the Buffet Table, I wanted to mimic some beautiful work featured by I borrowed some ideas and learned how to make tissue paper poms to hang as a focal point above the table!  The Tom Kat Studio is known for their fabulous printable party paper designs, and I came very close to just ordering them from her wonderful etsy shop.  However, I decided to create my own designs with a cricut machine that I borrowed from a dear friend.  See my former post about how I fell in love with the cricut!!! I'll share more details about how to create your own or purchase similar fabulous party tags soon!

Cricut Congratulations Sign by Me

Gift table featuring Towel Cake that I designed

Gift table during the opening process

Aprons designed by me - They flanked the gift table at the shower!

Above the gift table, I hung a fabulous sign of "Congratulations" which I handcrafted using the cricut!  I can't say enough about this machine!  On the gift table, notice the towel cake and cupcakes - another DIY project by me! Peeking from the corner of the first Gift Table picture, notice the Bride and Groom Aprons that I designed (see close up picture just above)!  And no party would be complete without something polka dot, check out the fabulous polka dot balloons ordered at

Polka Dot Market Balloons

Here Comes the Bride Dress Form with My Wedding Veil!

For those final belles and whistles, I added some more Polka Dot balloons and a special "Here Comes the Bride" decorated dress form using my own Bridal Veil and some leftover netting!

Hannah and I

Sharon (MOG) and Monica (MOB)
At the end of the day, we all seemed to have enjoyed a wonderful celebration!  By the way, check out the cute little Mother of the Groom and Mother of the Bride Pins that Bekka created!  I know I will be asking her to teach me how to make those adorable little belles and whistles soon!!!

Check back soon for all the details on how to host a Bridal Shower like this one yourself!  Hope your day is blessed and full of all the best belles and whistles!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chocolate and Blue Celebration!

Hey Friends,

Just wanted to post some quick pics of a baby shower that I attended a couple weeks ago!  The theme for this shower was baby blue and chocolate with a focus on polka dots!  I didn't really host this shower (so I can't take any credit for the theme or decor), I just helped out with the chocolate covered strawberries, and of course, I made a diaper cake as my present!  I was thrilled to help out though, even if just a bit, because this shower was held to honor a MIRACLE preemie: Sawyer was born on November 19, 2010 weighing just over 1 lb. He was born at 23 weeks and 5 days gestation. Today, he is almost 8 pounds, and will be coming home very soon!!  Babies are my favorite "belle and whistle" blessing from God!!!  Please enjoy the pics of this blessed celebration:

Diaper Cake Designed by Me!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries in Polka Dot Market Cupcake Liners & Polka Dot Cake!

Party Favors on Display in Fabulous Apothecary Jars by Jackie

Love the Polka Dot Plates and Napkins and the way that Jackie Displayed the Chocolate Colored Tableware!
 God is soooooo GOOD and sooooo FAITHFUL!  I just wanted to praise Him for the miracle of Baby Sawyer!