Beth's "Belles" and Whistles

Friday, February 25, 2011

It's the little things!

Good afternoon friends,

It's been an interesting day at the Durham home!  My two-year-old broke MY potty (the one just off our  master bedroom) by flushing a pencil down it yesterday!  It cannot be fixed; thus, my husband is installing a new one as I type! I never realized just how thankful I could be for a potty until mine was taken away! 

Thankfully, my terrifically terrible two-year old, my adorable potty-breaking monster named Meagan is napping, and I can escape from the reality of  all things POTTY and think about something a bit more pleasant like my "belles and whistles" blog!  Isn't it amazing how the little things in life can bring us such a thrill?

Speaking of little things, I want to share with you a great little way to add some "belles and whistles" to your blah plastic tableware and paper napkins: Dress them up with a bow or a trinket!  As many of you know, I'm knee-deep in prep work for a wedding shower that I'm co-hosting in April for my nephew and niece-to-be!  We are expecting around 50+ guests to attend the shower and I'm in charge of tableware!  The theme for the shower is the same as the wedding - black,white, and red.

Of course, being the budget queen that I am, I always start my quest at The Dollar Tree.  While perusing the aisles there, I found my clear plastic tableware, red round dessert plates, red luncheon napkins, red heart doilies, and some great red sheer ribbon!  I purchased my decorative black and white scrolled square luncheon plates and matching beverage napkins from my trusty friends at the Oriental Trading Company!

However, instead of just placing the tableware in serve-yourself piles, I decided to add some "belles and whistles" by embellishing the plastic tableware and napkins with a sheer bow!  I took the red luncheon napkin and placed the small black and white beverage napkin on the outside.  I placed one set of plastic tableware inside and rolled them up.  Finally, I secured the roll with a simple sheer red bow made from the ribbon that I purchased at the Dollar Tree!

For just a few cents more, I now have these elegant little tableware sets pictured above.  This is just a simple LITTLE idea used to embellish life with the "belles and whistles" that bring me such thrills!  You can use this idea for your next event too!  Maybe you want to add a trinket wrapped around your plastic tableware and napkins!  Just think outside of the box and take a look around the Dollar Tree for some inexpensive inspiration!

Have fun and just remember that it's the little things in life that bring the greatest pleasure - even if it's as simple as a working toilet!!!