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Thursday, March 10, 2011

If the Shoe Fits - Part 2

Good Evening to You All,

I'm finally getting around to Part 2 of "If the Shoe Fits!"  In just my few days away, I had forgotten (well maybe blocked from memory) how BUSY a two-year-old can be!  Since my return home, my Meggie Pie has wasted NO time re-acquainting me with her antics.  So far this week, she has almost broken a second toilet by trying to flush a wash cloth down it, she has washed her Disney teacups in the toilet, she has sprayed enough hairspray on her stool in the bathroom to peal the paint off of it, and she has colored her bedroom wall with a black ink pen!  All of these things happened during a blink of my eye - she is incredibly fast!!! I'm tired just thinking about all of her activity this week! Whew!

So, of course, that means that the BLOG just had to wait . . . But now, I'm finally finding a few spare moments to share with you some great pictures and ideas for centerpieces (with all the "belles and whistles" that I love so much) designed by Johnette for Sister Connection in Louisiana last weekend:

As you can see from the pictures, Johnette's design concept was simple, inexpensive, and elegant.  She started with scarves, called pashminas, of all different colors. The scarves were purchased at a "Buy 2" for around $7 sale.  This expense was turned into a fundraiser as the scarves were auctioned off during the banquet in Memory of Kathy Isaacs, a former State Women's Ministry Leader, for her preferred charities.

The scarves were then draped alone or over boxes in the center of each table.  I love the variation of height and color with each scarf - and the boxes used were the ones from storage with no extra expense per use!  How creative!

Next, Johnette used chargers, or large plates, of different colors placed on top of the scarves.  I believe the chargers were brought from her own collection at home.  Inside of each charger, she placed a vase containing clear beads with either a red candle or red flower inside. I have seen similar vases and bags of clear beads on sale at the Dollar Tree.  The candles were purchased at Hobby Lobby on clearance. The flowers were clipped from larger bunches and reused from a previous event.  The vases were alternated between four patterns for varying height and shape. 

To finish off the look, a tea light votive of two different shapes, and a clear SHOE holding a red flower was placed around the vases.  Votives and tea lights can also be purchase inexpensively at either the Dollar Tree, Walmart, or Hobby Lobby.  The SHOES were ordered online for 99 cent per shoe plus tax!  Wow, I LOVE a bargain!

I was certainly impressed with these SHOE inspired centerpieces.  I love how everything look so finished without looking cookie-cutter.  The mixture of the different heights and colors and shapes of scarves, chargers, and vases created an eclectic look that just worked so beautifully and filled the space with life and color. In fact, I loved the shoes so much that I convinced Johnette to let me borrow them for my nephew's wedding!  Now, I just wish I could convince her to come up here to Tennessee to help me with the event!!!  I believe Johnette has become one of my favorite little "belles and whistles" of all time!

Until we meet again,

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