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Monday, March 7, 2011

Southern Hospitality

Bishop Timothy Nuckles (my brother) and I
 I'm finally back home in Tennessee from my trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the "Deep South!"  I'm thrilled to see my husband and my 3 M's again!  I love that they all seem so excited to have me back home too!!!  I've been enjoying lots of hugs and kisses and "Mommy, I love you's" which isn't hurting my feelings one bit!!!  I'm eating it up . . . However, I promised each of you that I would come back with lots of "belles and whistles" to share and you shall not be disappointed!

I know that my primary promise was to share with you the details of the Ladies Sister Connection Conference, and I WILL keep that promise (check back for more posts this week) - but for today, I want to simply start by talking to you about the absolutely WONDERFUL Southern Hospitality that I found upon my arrival in Baton Rouge!

I equate Southern Hospitality with warm welcomes, hugs, laughter, and lots of delicious food- and believe me- Louisiana DID NOT disappoint!  Even on the plane ride from Memphis, my co-passengers were discussing the friendliness of the city and the "out of this world" food - one of my favorite "belles and whistles" of life!  In fact, my parents (both great cooks) visited Baton Rouge in December and all they could talk about upon their return was the quality of both the food and the service in Louisiana!  I landed with my hopes and high, and I returned "FULL!"

Sharon (my sister-in-law) and I

While in town, my brother and sister-in-law took me to visit many restaurants- all worth mentioning- so here's a list of some of my favorite must-visits if you are ever in Baton Rouge:
  • Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro - This restaurant was located just outside of the Mall of Louisiana.  I ordered a yummy chicken wrap and fries, but most enjoyed some of my sister-in-law's Chicken Marsala!  We followed up the meal with one of my favorite desserts called "Death by Chocolate" Cheesecake! When it is my turn to become one of the "Saints that Go Marching In," I pray that the Lord takes me while I'm eating "Death by Chocolate!"  Here's the link for the menu to this restaurant:
  • Coffee Bean and Cafe - This charming little restaurant (located off of Sherwood and Coursey Blvd.) is only open for breakfast and lunch.  My lunch here consisted of one of the best chicken salad sandwiches that I have ever eaten!!! Chicken Salad is one of my FAVORITE foods of all time and I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the taste of Chicken Salad!  Believe me, this sandwich was beyond yummy!  I added some sweet potato fries seasoned only as Cajun cook could, and I'm still dreaming of this meal!
  • The Chimes -  This restaurant is also located off of Coursey Blvd. which is the address of the LA Church of God State Offices (pictured above) so that is why most of the restaurants we visited seem to be in this location.  I enjoyed a taste of authentic Cajun food here!  I really think this may have been my all-time favorite meal of the trip:  I ordered the Fried Catfish Platter.  Normally, I would not have been able to eat more than one piece of fish at a meal; however, I scarfed down the ENTIRE platter and even made enough room to taste some of my sister-in-law's Crawfish Etouffee!  My only wish is that I had more room in my tummy at this restaurant!
  • "Thee" Heavenly Donuts -  Finally, I must make mention of these delectable treats!  Again, they were soooooooo heavenly that I might have sinned before I finished eating them!  They are famous for both donuts and "king cakes" which I had never tried before this trip.  Here's the link for their website: 
I realize that this short list cannot do justice to the many places that I did not have time to visit on this trip, because I was informed by my brother and sister-in-law that the list of great Southern restaurants in Baton Rouge is inexhaustible!  But, I could not even think of having enjoyed such wonderful hospitality and food and then keeping those "belles and whistles" to myself!  I hope you will be encouraged to try all of these places if you ever have an opportunity to visit the bayou!!!

Again, I have many more details of this trip to share with you; but until then, I'm signing off to go and enjoy some more "Southern Hospitality" from the hugs and kisses of my kiddos!!!!

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